Gifting for Good Fortune & Love: Why Doncris Strawberry Cacao Truffles Make for a Perfect CNY & Valentine’s Present

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This month of February is a special season to relish the warmth and blessings in our lives as we celebrate love this Valentine’s and abundance this upcoming Chinese New Year. While flowers, fruit baskets and tea packets are great gift ideas for both celebrations, nothing expresses your message of love, prosperity and luxury than a box of premium avant-garde chocolates.

Lucky for you, our Doncris Cacao Truffles are made with just the right sweetness and sophistication perfect for these love-filled celebrations.

Doncris Cacao takes pride in its artisanal, handcrafted chocolates made with love by our talented local chocolatiers, crafted from the premiere quality of Filipino cacao. While you may enjoy our six flavors of cacao truffles such as Almond Truffle Nutty Crunch Delight, Coconut Truffle Tropical Dream, Dark Truffle Midnight Decadence, Matcha Truffle Zen Harmony and Milk Chocolate-Smooth Dairy Temptations, our new limited edition of truffle chocolates will make you fall in love even more this season.

Chocolates For A Sweet Life

Gifting a box of premium chocolate truffles is a gesture of wishing ‘a sweet life’ to your loved ones.

Celebrating with great food is overall a lucky festivity during Chinese New Year parties, and chocolate truffles can truly elevate that experience. With Doncris Cacao Truffles, you are to share the elegance of Danish chocolade tradition, fused beautifully with the Filipino craftsmanship of Doncris’ farmers, artisans and chocolatiers.

Indulge in our limited edition Doncris Strawberry Cacao Truffles, especially made for the special occasions this month. The gentle sweetness of Doncris Truffles are enveloped so nicely in the flavors of strawberries, sure to melt in your mouth. It is like reveling in sweetness, abundance and love all rolled into one with every bite of Doncris Strawberry Cacao Truffle – a gift of unique culinary experience that sends a wish of abundance and good life to your loved ones.

Chocolade For Love

Of course, traditionally, chocolate is a message of love all on its own.

Doncris Strawberry Cacao Truffle is a gift of passion and luxury, with its flavor notes made from rare, premium cacao. Make your passion known with a box of good sweetness, with every piece definitely a perfect pairing with wine. You are sure to inject elegance to your romantic date with handcrafted chocolates made from passion and world-class craftsmanship! What are you waiting for? Head over to our website and social media platforms for online orders.

The limited edition Doncris Strawberry Cacao Truffles are available in Cebu City via our official partner distributor with contact number 09162355589.

For orders in Naga, Bicol region, you may order at Rolando’s Cafe in Villa Caceres Hotel

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