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Our history

In 2021, Mr. Eliodoro G. Maciba planted the seeds of a dream – DonCris Cacao, a humble cacao farm nestled in the heart of Barangay Binakalan, Gingoog City. With a passion for helping out the farmers and producing premium and export quality beans, Mr. Eliodoro together with his daughter, set out to produce the finest cocoa liquor and tablea, building a foundation for a legacy that would extend far beyond his lifetime.

Tragically, in the same year, Mr. Eliodoro left this world, leaving his daughter, Christina, to carry the torch. Fueled by her father’s vision and driven by a determination to honor his memory, Christina embarked on a journey to transform DonCris Cacao into more than a farm – into a haven for artisanal handcrafted chocolates.

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Crafting Dreams, Creating Experiences

Today, DonCris Cacao stands as a testament to the resilience of dreams. Guided by a renowned chocolatier, we’ve expanded our offerings beyond mere chocolates – we craft experiences. Each piece is a symphony of flavors, a blend of passion, and a testament to the dedication that began with Mr. Eliodoro. Currently, we are producing two products; DonCris Pure Tablea and DonCris Chocolade. These two are made of 100% all natural ingredients. DonCris Chocolade is an exquisite blend of art and flavor. Each piece is a testament to our dedication to quality and a nod to the Danish word for chocolate – Chocolade.

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Beyond Taste: A Commitment to Community

Our mission reaches far beyond the delectable taste of our chocolates. Rooted in the spirit of community, we are committed to providing sustainable livelihoods to the farmers of Barangay Binakalan. As DonCris Cacao grows, so too does our impact on the lives of those who cultivate the very essence of our creations.
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Join Us in Savoring the Difference

At DonCris Cacao, we invite you to savor the flavors of our chocolate truffles, where passion and community intertwine. With every bite, you become a part of a journey that began with a father’s dream and continues through the hands of a dedicated daughter and a community that believes in the power of growth, both in chocolate and in life.



Indulge in Tradition: Pure, Authentic, Timeless

Experience the rich cultural heritage of the Philippines with DonCris Pure Tablea. Made from meticulously harvested cacao beans, our tablea is a celebration of authenticity and tradition. The deep, intense flavor is a testament to our commitment to preserving the essence of pure, unadulterated chocolate.

Key Features:

100% Natural Ingredients
Meticulously Harvested Cacao Beans
Rich and Authentic Flavor

Discover the timeless allure of DonCris Pure Tablea – where every sip is a journey through the soul of Philippine chocolates.

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All- Natural Chocolate Truffles

Embark on a journey of pure bliss with DonCris Chocolade- Danish word of choclate, a collection of 100% all-natural chocolate truffles that redefine the art of indulgence. Crafted with care and precision, each truffle promises an experience so divine, it might just make you forget your own name.

Key Features:

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At DonCris Cacao, we take pride in bringing you the finest cacao products that embody the true essence of quality and authenticity. Nestled in the heart of Gingoog City, our brand has become synonymous with the artistry of cacao cultivation and craftsmanship.

For inquiries, partnerships, or collaborations, we invite you to reach out to us. Your journey into the world of DonCris Cacao begins here.

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